A GAP toolbox for simplicial complexes

Version 2.1.10
Released 2019-06-03

This project is maintained by Jonathan Spreer

GAP Package simpcomp

simpcomp is a GAP package for working with simplicial complexes. It allows the computation of many properties of simplicial complexes (such as the f-, g- and h-vectors, the face lattice, the automorphism group, (co-)homology with explicit basis computation, intersection form, etc.) and provides the user with functions to compute new complexes from old (simplex links and stars, connected sums, cartesian products, handle additions, bistellar flips, etc.). Furthermore, it comes with an extensive library of known triangulations of manifolds and provides the user with the possibility to create own complex libraries.
simpcomp caches computed properties of a simplicial complex, thus avoiding unnecessary computations, internally handles the vertex labeling of the complexes and insures the consistency of a simplicial complex throughout all operations.
simpcomp relies on the GAP package homology for its homology computation, but also provides the user with an own (co-)homology algorithm in case the packacke homology is not available. For automorphism group computation the GAP package GRAPE is used, which in turn uses the program nauty by Brendan McKay. An internal automorphism group calculation algorithm in used as fallback if the GRAPE package is not available.

The current version of this package is version 2.1.10, released on 2019-06-03. For more information, please refer to the package manual. There is also a README file.


This package requires GAP version >=4.5

The following other GAP packages are needed:

The following additional GAP packages are not required, but suggested:


Felix Effenberger, Jonathan Spreer.


Please, cite this package as

[ES19] Effenberger, F. and Spreer, J., simpcomp, A GAP toolbox for simplicial complexes, Version 2.1.10 (2019)
(Refereed GAP package),

You can get more info by typing Cite("simpcomp"); in the gap prompt.


For bug reports, feature requests and suggestions, please use the issue tracker.